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Vision Valley is implmenting carrier grade IoT platforms provided by most innovative IoT leaders providing rich set of IoT services bundled together into a structured, elastically scalable, distributed, multi-tenant cloud-ready SDP and delivering the following key aspects and capabilities: </br></br>

• On Permise/Cloud-ready, scalable and based on open standards

• Converged assets, users identity management and link them in a controlled way enforced by clear data and resource access policy

• Filtering high volume data streams and transforming it with tagging, augmentation and aggregation, This feature enable contextualization of data, augmenting payload data with meta-data, generated by the assets themselves, or by aggregating data from other sources

• Enforcing data ownership and regulating data access through pre-defined policies

• Flexible storage that provides an extendable data model that customers can create own properties and tailor storage interface to any specific needs, this is particularly important in asset management


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