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Today’s cities face unprecedented challenges due to the rapid growth of urbanization and energy consumption, the current model of disconnected legacy services controlled and managed separately limits the potential for innovative solutions, Managing city centres is a growing challenge that mandates the enablement of centralized monitoring and control of multiple city services through wireless sensing network covering smart street lighting, smart waste management, smart parking, smart buildings, noise pollution, air quality, water quality, weather conditions and smart urban transportation.

Monitoring and controlling processes centrally from a single platform facilitates communications between different services, allows information sharing across services, ensures not only the mediation of data and processes from “siloed” and distinct verticals but the possibility to use powerful and integrated tools for data accountability, privacy data management, open data, distributed services for citizens and supports the development of new applications in the view of standards lacking aggressiveness and readiness to answer market changes and new technological needs.

The current model of disconnected legacy services controlled and managed separately limits the potential for innovative solutions, The Internet of Things (IoT) represents the technological revolution that can connect services in exciting new ways, breaking down the current “siloes” and transforming urban centre’s into the Smart Cities of the future.

Vision Valley is among few SI that can implement IoT services E2E covering the full ecosystem sensors, coverage short range LAN (WiFi, Bluetooth,Zigbee,..) or Long range (Lora, Cellular) and platform delivering efficiency, cost effective solutions for different use case and magnitude of scale.

IoT Platforms

Vision Valley is implmenting carrier grade IoT platforms provided by most innovative IoT leaders providing rich set of IoT services bundled together into a structured, elastically scalable, distributed, multi-tenant cloud-ready SDP and delivering the following key aspects and capabilities:

• On Permise/Cloud-ready, scalable and based on open standards
• Converged assets, users identity management and link them in a controlled way enforced by clear data and resource access policy
• Filtering high volume data streams and transforming it with tagging, augmentation and aggregation, This feature enable contextualization of data, augmenting payload data with meta-data, generated by the assets themselves, or by aggregating data from other sources
• Enforcing data ownership and regulating data access through pre-defined policies

• Flexible storage that provides an extendable data model that customers can create own properties and tailor storage interface to any specific needs, this is particularly important in asset management

Network Service

One technology cannot serve all services and volumes for IoT, depending on the specific application requirements, factors such as coverage range, data requirements, security, power demands and battery life will dictate the choice of one or some form of combination of technologies.

** Vision Valley is active contributor in Lora Alliance

LoRaWAN™ is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) specification intended for wireless battery operated Things in regional, national or global network. LoRaWAN target key requirements of internet of things such as secure bi-directional communication, mobility, localization services, high capacity and long battery lifetime. This standard will provide seamless interoperability among smart Things without the need of complex local installations and gives back the freedom to the user, developer, businesses enabling the roll out of Internet of Things.

Applications for LoRa wireless technology include: smart metering, inventory tracking, vending machine data and monitoring, automotive industry, utility applications, etc.. LoRaWAN™ has significant cost savings in the deployment and required infrastructure compared to existing systems.


Vision Valley implement wireless sensor network (WSN) consisting of spatially distributed autonomous devices using LoRaWAN™ or equivalent over a band approved by TRA incorporating Innovative gateways designed to meet M2M & IoT connectivity, that handles: harsh installation environments (moisture, dust, wind...), establishes bidirectional communications with thousand items of distributed nodes intelligent sensors which are several kilometres away relaying wireless messages connectivity between sensors and the central network server.

a complete, end-to-end wireless sensing network solution with application enablement, data management and device management, all “cloud-ready” that is designed for large-scale enterprise applications providing robust end-to-end security and scalability yet open, extensible interfaces, integration, mission-critical that has been successfully deployed in three major telecoms and numerous enterprise customers, managing hundreds of thousands of devices globally.

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