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TelePresence is the ultimate in immersive video collaboration. Bring your team together in a well-appointed room for life-like, face-to-face meetings. All the necessary elements — lighting, cameras, surfaces, and microphones — are designed for simplicity and ease of use. The technology fades into the background to let you focus on the meeting at hand. The result: a rich, natural, lifelike meeting experience Videoconferencing, at its most basic level, uses audio and video to bring people at different sites together for a virtual meeting. Vision Valley understands that, in order to be successful at a corporate level, a videoconferencing installation must satisfy three main criteria

Cisco TelePresence VX Tactical

The VX Tactical connects people from the most challenging outdoor and field office environments using a rugged, lightweight, briefcase form factor. Built on the popular Cisco TelePresence SX20 Quick Set codec, it offers high-definition video, along with added features for superior performance in remote settings

TelePresence VX Clinical Assistant

With the Cisco TelePresence VX Clinical Assistant, healthcare providers can overcome the barrier of distance, deliver better and timelier care to patients, and work more productively through face-to-face collaboration. As a purpose-built, entry-level telemedicine cart, VX Clinical Assistant is designed to deliver functionality, safety, and mobility within a medical environment. Clinical Assistant, together with the Clinical Presence System, comprises Cisco's telepresence solution set for medical environments.

Cisco TelePresence Extended Height Carts

Extended Height Carts are specifically designed for educational institutions. They make it easy to use popular Cisco TelePresence technology, mounted on a mobile cart, to maintain a virtual learning and collaborative environment at a remote site. These mobile cart units are available for use with the Cisco TelePresence MX200, MX300, Edge MXP models, and Codec C40, Codec C60, and 6000 MXP Codec integrator packages.

Cisco TelePresence Synch

This revolutionary technology transparently integrates supported interactive whiteboards with speakers and Cisco TelePresence C Series, MXP, or SX20 Quick Set endpoints. Synch effectively converts a standard interactive whiteboard into a powerful multifunction collaboration tool that brings together "live," remote experts and classrooms.

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